John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

As the nation’s leader in higher education student success, the John N. Gardner Institute (JNGI) has been partnering with higher education institutions for more than 15 years. Our work is focused on student success through proven results, institutional collaboration, and equity and inclusion.

We work to nurture the potential of every undergraduate student and transform campuses and institutions – from building dynamic, faculty inclusive, educational opportunities, to promoting a just society by challenging injustice and valuing diversity in and through higher education – resulting in excellence, completion, retention and graduation.

We partner with institutions to create and subsequently implement an evidence-based plan for improving student learning, success and retention through a variety of processes and expert guidance, support and consultation. Our processes include:

Retention Performance Management
For Sophomores (and other populations)

This analytics-based process will help institutions build and implement plans for improving retention.

Gateways to Completion®
Comprehensive Course Transformation

A comprehensive course transformation process and suite of tools that includes both learner and predictive analytics as well as the Gardner Institute’s well-regarded advice and support.

Foundations of Excellence®
For First-Year and Transfer Students

Now more than ever in challenging economic times, your campus needs a strategic action plan for the critical beginning college experience. Foundations of Excellence® will yield a new vision for enhanced learning and retention of first-year and transfer students as well as priorities for resource allocation.