John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Gateways to Completion® (G2C®)

G2C is a three-year effort to help institutions address high failure rates in gateway courses through self-study, dashboards, and predictive analytics. The Gardner Institute is currently accepting applications for participation in the G2C 2014-15 cohort. Click here to start an application.

Foundations of Excellence®

Now more than ever in challenging economic times, your campus needs a strategic action plan for the critical beginning college experience. Foundations of Excellence® will yield a new vision for enhanced learning and retention of first-year and transfer students as well as priorities for resource allocation.

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Retention Performance ManagementTM

Retention Performance ManagementRPM (Retention Performance Management) is a flexible series of time- and resource-efficient processes and tools that help institutions create, implement and/or refine retention and completion plans. The flexible RPM processes can help institutions with various phases of retention (first year, sophomore year, etc.) and/or various populations for whom retention is a concern  (first-generation, low-income, etc.). Click here to start an application.

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