John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Conferences, Communities of Practice, Institutes, & National Survey Efforts

We have evolved considerably in this regard over the past decade. In our early days, we did not want to offer conferences. We have now come to realize the value of offering selected convenings for special populations of higher educators – particularly on topics that advance the work we do and help the people with whom we do it. Thus, we now offer the following unique gatherings.


  • The Annual 3rd Annual Gateway Course Experience Conference: Since 2013, we have offered two major conferences for faculty, academic administrators and other higher educators who wish to improve teaching, learning and student performance in gateway courses. Over 600 participants took part in the past two events, and the next installment will occur in Charlotte, April 12-14, 2015.


We are offering a third version of this convening in southern California during January 2015.  We hope to see you there!

Communities of Practice (CoP)

  • Foundations of Excellence CoP – Since beginning the FoE process in 2003, we have gathered many of you in an annual Foundations of Excellence Winter Meeting. This year, for the first time ever, we are offering a modification of this event by offering the inaugural “Foundations of Excellence Community of Practice Meeting” which will be held on April 12 in Charlotte immediately before the 3rd Annual Gateway Course Experience Conference.
  • Gateways to Completion CoP – The Gateways to Completion Community of Practice brings together the academics who are actually using G2C to improve specific discipline-based courses via the G2C process for a face-to-face meeting. Our second Gateways to Completion CoP will be held on April 11, in Charlotte, NC, immediately before the 3rd Annual Gateway Course Experience Conference.

National Surveys on Student Success Practices

As part of its pro bono public charity mission, the Institute has conducted two national surveys of student success practices, one in four-year institutions and the other in two-year colleges. Complimentary copies of the two-year survey can be found at this link and copies of the four-year survey are found at this link.