John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

“Good consulting is good conversation”

Advice given to John N Gardner in 1977 by one of his mentors at the University of South Carolina, J. Manning Hiers.

What is the Consultative Conversation Initiative?

Providing cost effective, uncomplicated, time efficient council for student success decision making.

What does the Consultative Conversation include?

Customized “reality checks” and a sounding board on the topics of

Student learning, equity, and success:

  • First-year seminars
  • Improving student retention
  • Learning communities
  • Transfer student issues and processes
  • Strategies for sophomore success
  • Improving the Senior Year Experience
  • First-generation, low income and historically underrepresented students
  • Redesigning high failure rate gateway courses
  • Utilizing “High Impact Practices”
  • Evidence-based practices to increase student success

Faculty engagement in teaching and learning:

  • Faculty use of engaging pedagogies
  • Faculty development
  • Critical role of academic department chairs

Analytics and Assessment:

  • Use of predictive analytics in gateway courses
  • Analytics as a part of a comprehensive student success plan


The Consultative Conversation fee is structured on an hourly and bundled bases. Please contact us to learn more.

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