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Dear Readers:

Dear Readers:

Several years ago I had a much younger staff colleague who literally had to push me into starting this blog. And so I did. I suppose it has some similarities to academic writing in that you write for an audience that may be largely unknown to you. Of course, I do know who some of my readers are. And that helps. But I guess I am not stirring the pot enough because I don’t hear from very many of my readers. So I am curious: are there topics you might be interested in having me share my thoughts about? And would any of you readers be interested in writing a post as my guest?


John N. Gardner


  1. BrianJuly 23, 2011 at 3:30 pmReply

    I would love to hear more from you about the role of the residence hall on the college campus. I'm a residence life professional, so I'm always intrigued to hear respected folks like yourself talk about your thoughts on the "dorm" and its role.

  2. Jenn LatinoJuly 27, 2011 at 9:23 amReply

    In recent years, I have seen great strides in the collaboration between academic and student affairs work. I think that we, as educators, are starting to recognize and appreciate that we have a shared goal-to graduate well educated and well prepared students. However, we still have very far to go. I’d like to read your perspective on how we can collaborate across divisions to better support students in integrating their in- and out-of- class experiences. Given your personal career trajectory, I expect you have a unique understanding of the marriage of these camps.

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