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Why We are In This Work

December 14, 2009John N. GardnerInsights0

Particularly when times are tough for both us higher educators and our students, I think it is important to pause every now and then to reflect on and remind ourselves why we are in this work often called “student success.” I invite you to join me in some reflections on why are we in this work anyway? Because…

• it makes a difference for students

• it delivers on the promise of access while simultaneously maximizes resources

• it’s a way for us to repay the gift

• it keeps us learning and developing

• we see enormous progress in some of the most initially unlikely candidates for success

• it is a form of social justice

• it extends and continues the unfinished civil rights and women’s movements

• it creates for us an affinity group/network which brings us together with those of like values

• for some of us it has not only secular redeeming social value, but transcendent, spiritual worth as well

• it promotes the health of the body politic and the personal health of our citizens who by becoming college graduates have increased their probability of a longer life span

Ok, that’s why I am in this work. How about you?

-John N. Gardner

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