John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

JNGI 2017 Student Retention Symposium
April 10-11, 2017

A two-day event that focuses on a range of strategies to enhance student success throughout the college experience. The event is designed for individuals and teams of academic affairs, student affairs, administrators and faculty. Institutional team time will be provided for your particular retention issues.

JNGI Student Success Seminar: Finding the Best Recipe for Student Success
Next Event Dates: TBD

The quest to improve student success, retention and graduation rates has been with us for decades. Despite progress in some institutions, attrition rates are still unacceptable and public and governmental pressures are mounting to such an extent that some are questioning the value of investments in higher education. This instructive and interactive day-and-a-half workshop will review recent findings and lessons learned from our efforts to transform student learning, success, retention, and completion.

Student Success and Retention Retreats

A retreat would be designed for a small group from your institution and would be attended by senior institutional leaders as well as first college year stakeholders and practitioners.