John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

What is FoE Implement?

FoE Implement is an optional year-long advisory service for institutions that want Gardner Institute staff feedback, counsel, expertise, and support as they implement an action plan derived from a completed FoE self-study process. As important as the original FoE action planning process was, the most important outcome of the process is the actual implementation of the Plan.

Why should an Institution do FoE Implement?

An independent evaluation of the FoE process showed a strong correlation between institutions that reported a high degree of implementation of their FoE plans and significant increases in first-to-second year IPEDS retention rates over time. In the same study, it was found that the institutions that had the lowest level of FoE plan implementation experienced decreases in student retention rates. In short, it is not enough to create a plan; institutions need to implement it to a high degree. This service provides ongoing support from the Gardner Institute to help institutions do just that.

What does my institution receive by taking part in FoE Implement?

Institutions that take part in FoE Implement receive:

  • Ongoing formal access to the Gardner Institute staff’s internationally recognized student success and strategic planning expertise
  • A senior staff advisor assigned to the institution
  • Written feedback on institutional quarterly reports on implementation progress
  • Quarterly conference calls with Gardner Institute senior advisor (following report feedback) and other communications via phone, e-mail, SKYPE, as requested
  • Unlimited ad hoc e-mail
  • Optional on-campus visit (additional fee required)
  • Optional discounted registration for the annual National Conference on the Gateway Course Experience, which for 2018 will be held in Houston, TX, March 25-27 (at additional cost to the institution)

How does my institution apply for FoE Implement?

Colleges or universities interested in taking part in FoE Implement should download the FoE Implement application. Save the file as a Microsoft Word document before editing it. Send the completed form to (e-mail or fax (828) 378-0228).

Typically, a FoE Implement contract runs for a year at a time, and start dates are flexible depending on the needs of the institution.

How much does it cost for my institution to take part in FoE Implement?

For costs and payment plan information for FoE Implement, visit the Gardner Institute’s Cost webpage.

Whom should I contact for further information about FoE Implement?

Contact the Gardner Institute at or John N. Gardner at 828-233-5874.