John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

What is FoE Refresh?

FoE Refresh is a variation of the Foundations of Excellence self-study for FoE participating institutions that want to revise their FoE process and/or final action plan. The outcome is an updated, re-energized self-study that produces a new action plan that fits the institution’s current context. For example, an institution that completed a FoE first-year self-study some years ago can use FoE Refresh to revise that plan to meet present needs – and it can do so at a substantial discount. Or if it did not finish its plan, it could now return and do so. The Institute has engaged 280 institutions in FoE and so the potential value of revisiting your work in FoE is ever more compelling and timely as the passage of time just accumulates.

Why should an Institution do FoE Refresh?

Institutions and their students are dynamic. This is particularly true when an institution has already initiated substantive changes from a self-study like Foundations of Excellence in the past and/or if it has experienced senior or otherwise key leadership changes since it finished its last FoE process. In addition, the current economic conditions require higher education institutions to focus on finding efficiencies and eliminating duplication of efforts so that student success can still be advanced. In short, the findings from the previous self-study may have become less relevant because of variations associated with change over time. FoE Refresh allows an institution to re-visit its self-study so that it can maintain momentum for its continuous quality improvement and student excellence efforts.

What does my institution receive by taking part in FoE Refresh?

Taking part in FoE Refresh affords your institution many of the current FoE self-study process benefits including:

  • Intensive advisory support provided by the Gardner Institute staff for one year
  • A senior Institute staff advisor assigned to the institution
  • Use of intellectual property including the Foundational Dimensions, Performance Indicators, Current Practices Inventory, and Action Plan Template
  • Access to FoEtec (for 2 years) – the Gardner Institute’s web-based self-study software platform
  • Optional access to the faculty/staff and student surveys (at additional cost to the institution)
  • On demand technical support for all aspects of the FoE process and its FoEtec platform
  • Access as needed to doctorally qualified survey expert for assistance with FoE surveys

When does an institution take part in FoE Refresh?

FoE Refresh is a flexible process that can begin at any time. Institutions that believe that they need an extensive “re-orientation” to the FoE process.They will have an on-site campus Launch Meeting for FoE Refresh provided by Gardner Institute staff. There will be no extra fee incurred for this Launch Meeting but the institution will cover the travel costs of the Gardner Institute staff coming to campus to perform this service.

How does my institution apply for FoE Refresh?

Visit our Application Process page to submit an application for FoE Refresh.

How much does it cost for my institution to take part in FoE Refresh?

For costs and payment plan information for FoE Refresh, visit our Cost & Fees page.

Contact or 828-233-5874 for more information.