John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Overview of Meetings

Launch Meeting

Institutions applying for Foundations of Excellence (FoE) will commence the FoE process with an “on-campus” Launch Meeting. During the meeting, Gardner Institute staff member(s) will introduce the FoE conceptual model and other key components so as to ensure a smooth start to the FoE process for all involved participants. Continue Reading…

National Conference on the Gateway Course Experience

Because of the inextricable link between success of first-year and transfer students, and the FoE action plans with high failure rate courses, the value of the FoE process will be significantly enhanced by integrating this work with the Gardner Institute’s parallel work around improving gateway course outcomes. Hence, we will require institutions participating in the FoE process to send at least two representatives to the National Conference on the Gateway Course Experience, which will be held in Houston, March 25-27, 2018.