John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

What is FoE Transfer?

A dynamic response to the needs of America’s most neglected student population, the transfer student.

Since 2009-2010 The Gardner Institute has provided FoE Transfer Focus for sixty institutions: 36 two year colleges and 24 four-year institutions.

For Four-Year Institutions

This Foundations of Excellence self-study and action-planning process addresses collegiate transfer. This self-study process was developed in 2009 because of significant demand from prospective institutional participants. FoE Transfer Focus is designed to help institutions evaluate the ways they facilitate the experience of this important, but often neglected, student cohort. Attention: in FoE Transfer Focus for FOUR-Year institutions will be on the transfer receiving function and outcomes.

For Two-Year Institutions

Beginning in 2010, the Gardner Institute began offering two-year institutions a version of FoE Transfer Focus that gives them the opportunity to evaluate their approach to serving transfer-bound students. For many two-year colleges, encouraging and supporting student transfer are essential functions that relate to the institutional mission and vision. This process will enable institutions to take a close look at their strengths and weaknesses in assisting transfers and to make plans for improvement. Attention: in FoE Transfer Focus for TWO-Year colleges is on the transfer sending function and outcomes.