John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

What is Foundations of Excellence Technology?

FoEtec provides a web-based software platform for the Foundations of Excellence® process. It is a project management tool, provides access to all task force members to the project components, and maintains a record of the self study and action item recommendations. In addition, FoEtec provides a method of communicating institutional data and reports between the Gardner Institute and the Institution using the platform as well as a tool for sharing data within the institution.

Among items located in FoEtec are the Current Practices Inventory, the Performance Indicators specific to each Dimension, and access to the surveys and their results.

An important aspect of FoEtec is its ability to provide individual levels of access to the information located in it, which
allows the institution to provide logins to the system to a wide range of the institution’s community members.