John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

A New Focus On Retention – Retention Performance Management™ (RPM™)

After offering multiple forms of support for institutions to increase student success and retention as a by-product of attainment of other outcomes (such as a strategic plan for first-year student success as in FoE), we have launched an intervention with the sole laser -like focus on the challenges of student retention. This is our Retention Performance Management process that will launch November of this year. This is the first form of support we have offered where the costs will be a function of institutional enrollment size. It is also our most time and efficient process and can be adapted to focus on retention issues beyond the first year, such as the sophomore year experience, or that of special sub-populations such as student athletes. So we will see what kind of impact we can have with this. We are drawing on everything we have learned from our previous successful work and are incorporating our most advanced technology developments. To learn more about the forthcoming RPM effort, please visit the RPM home page.