John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

imageDr. Peter Adams has become the nation’s preeminent authority on the application of the co-requisite model of academic support in the instruction of college-level English.  The Accelerated Learning Project (ALP), which he founded, concurrently enrolls students in college-level English and a developmental English course during the same semester. Developmental education students participate in a traditional gateway English course, alongside students placed directly into the course and then participate in an aligned developmental section with the same instructor to strengthen the basic skills they need to succeed in the gateway course.  The model, which is available to the vast majority of students placed into developmental English at his campus, has seen dramatic increases in the completion of gateway English courses among developmental students. Significantly, these increases have occurred in half the time of traditional remediation.  ALP has become a national model and is now implemented at over 90 campuses across the country.