John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

A Focus on Gateway Courses – Gateways to Completion® (G2C®)

Based on the successes achieved in Foundations of Excellence, and what we have learned in FoE about the huge impact and challenges of high failure rate gateway courses, we have developed a new process, Gateways to Completion® (G2C®). This is a three-year intensive self-study and development process to reengineer selected gateway courses. We launched our national pilot this past academic year with three research universities, three community colleges, six regional comprehensive public universities, and two for-profit on-line universities. G2C features the use of a highly sophisticated electronic data inventory, electronic dashboards and predictive analytics, both at the aggregate course and individual student levels. I have now concluded that the “real first-year experience” is the gateway course experience. The data we have been collecting through G2C about the correlation between DWFI grades awarded in gateway courses and the impact of those on student progression and retention rates is hugely compelling, especially as a function of race, ethnicity, gender, Pell eligibility status and first generation student status. We can never achieve our country’s aspirational improvement goals for four-year degree attainment without improving student performance in gateway courses! To learn more about G2C, please visit the G2C information page.