John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

What is Retention Performance Management (RPM)?

Designed to improve retention rates for specific student cohorts such as first-year, second-year, first-generation, males, low-income, etc.

RPM is a flexible series of time- and resource-efficient processes and tools that help institutions create, implement and/or refine retention and completion plans. It will help your institution with various phases of retention (first-year, second-year, etc.) and/or various populations for whom retention is a concern (first-generation, males, low-income, etc.). By working with us, your benefits include:

  • Keep more of the students you admit – an outcome critical to fulfilling your mission and maintaining financial stability.
  • Receive our first-rate student success advice & support at a scalable cost that your institution can afford.
  • Receive easy to use, data collection templates and analytics tools.
  • Receive unparalleled level of guidance to make informed, data-based decisions about your strategic retention and completion efforts.
  • You’ll have a plan. Your institution can focus on the actions associated with the plan – rather than creating a planning process.
  • Focus on shared decision-making. RPM is a task force-based assessment model. The broad involvement of faculty, staff, and students in your structured planning and implementation processes improves student success.

Since our first cohort of founding institutions began the RPM process in fall of 2014, over 20 colleges and universities have opted to participate in RPM. We hope you will join them as part of our next cohort!

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