John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

What is the Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA)?

The JNGI Teaching and Learning Academy is a face-to-face and virtual course redesign community specifically for faculty. This new national collaborative helps participants develop and apply evidence-based teaching practices to improve student learning in rigorous, high failure rate gateway courses – strategies that often do not get applied without strong, continuous support.

You’ll learn from colleagues as well as consult with our disciplinary and pedagogical experts to develop, implement and assess outcomes of a teaching change that you have designed to enhance student learning in your gateway course. You’ll have access to resources that are tailored specifically to your interests and needs.

  • Faculty face-to-face and virtual course redesign community spanning one year
  • Develop and apply evidence-based teaching practices
  • Assess the outcomes of a teaching change
  • Learn from your peers and other experts
  • Prepare to continue crucial student success improvement cycles
  • Identify and apply teaching strategies that have been proven to help students master the disciplinary knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in gateway courses
  • Choose whether to develop your TLA into a form that is suitable for presentation, publication or grant funding.

What does the TLA include?

The JNGI TLA includes key components that help faculty and teaching excellence leaders create and implement plans that help with the successful application of evidence based pedagogies. The TLA components include:

  • TLA face-to-face launch meeting — you will come together with your peers and JNGI TLA facilitators to kick off your efforts and begin drafting a plan for applying evidence-based pedagogies in your course during this interactive in-person launch workshop. The next TLA launch meeting occurs in Houston, TX on March 24, 2018.
  • TLA process webinars and discussions — you will engage in these virtual discussions in advance of and following the TLA launch meeting to work on finalizing your plan to implement an evidence-based pedagogy in your course.
  • TLA web-based platform and templates — you will have access to an online platform and discusssion groups that help you draft and revise your course transformation plan.
  • Discipline-based groups — you will be placed into a group of faculty/instructors from your and/or comparable discipline(s) – faculty/instructors who are also working to apply one or more engaging pedagogies in their course.
  • Pedagogical-based groups — you will be connected with faculty/instructors who are working to apply the same engaging pedagogy as you in their course.
  • TLA community — the combination of discipline-based groups, pedagogical-based groups, and expert TLA facilitators provides a robust and intentional community in which you will participate during the year-long TLA.
  • Evidence-based teaching and learning resources — you will have access to a growing array of documents and resources for your efforts through the TLA web-based platform and launch meeting.
  • Access to teaching and learning experts from across the United States — your TLA experience will be facilitated by some of the leading thought leaders and practitioners in the teaching excellence field.

How is the TLA different

  • It’s not just a workshop — The combination of in-person and virtual support differentiates the TLA from other course transformation efforts. You will start with face-to-face interaction and build off of that in a year-long web-based community.
  • It’s designed to complement your efforts back at home — you will work with your teaching and learning excellence colleagues from your campus during the year-long TLA to build a sustainable effort that will continue after your TLA experience is done.
  • It’s a community — you will foster relationships with intentionally crafted discipline- and/or pedagogical-based groups that will inform and sustain your efforts during and even after the formal TLA experience.

TLA Fees

The TLA fee is $1,750 per year per faculty/instructor. Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more participants from the same institution. Discounts are also available for faculty/instructors from an institution involved in the Gateways to Completion process.

For information on fees or the TLA in general please contact Drew Koch at

Apply for the TLA

Visit the TLA web-based platform to create an account and start an application.