Be Inspired.

Join us for an in-state, substantive, thought-provoking, interactive, meeting of the minds from across all sectors and professional roles within Ohio post-secondary education. We will come together to examine and be informed and inspired by promising new practices for improving undergraduate education and student success in Ohio.

Be Involved.

Ohio undergraduate education is facing multi-faceted threats: declining traditional-aged student enrollments, declining enrollments in the liberal arts,  declining international student enrollments, declining state and federal funding, changing demographics, uncertain economic impact of trade policies,  and unknown public policy directions.

All institutions, 2-year, 4-year, private, public, not-for-profit, for-profit, urban, rural, and online are faced with needing to do more with less. But many post secondary institutions across the state, in all sectors, have created cutting-edge innovative solutions to address student success.

This gathering will provide educators the opportunity to share promising practices and share the many strengths of the diverse colleges and universities in Ohio.

Be Informed.


Be There.


Who should attend :

Ohio higher education thought leaders and practitioners from the state's 2-year, 4-year, non-profit, for-profit, public and private institutions:

  • Faculty, academic administrators (chief academic officers and their staff, deans, department chairs),

  • student affairs/ student success administrators and staff,

  • librarians, institutional research and assessment practitioners,

  • athletic personnel,

  • higher education focused researchers and journalists,

Be Engaged.

Featured speakers for the conference are:

  • presidents, chancellors, and trustees,

  • students,

  • foundation program officers,

  • state agency officials and higher education association staff.

  • Anyone who is interested in student success for Ohio's undergraduates.