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Digging into the Disciplines I: Accounting for Failure-The Impact of Principles of Accounting Courses on Student Success and Equitable Outcomes

Andrew K. Koch, PhD, President and Chief Operating Officer, Gardner Institute

Brent M. Drake, PhD, Vice Provost for Decision Support, University Nevada, Las Vegas & Gardner Institute Fellow

The content found on this document comes from a broader study examining the rates of D, F, W (for any form of withdrawal on the transcript), and I (for incomplete) grades (DFWI rates) in introductory courses at thirty-six different colleges and universities in the United States. The thirty-six institutions include seven community colleges, two proprietary (for-profit) four-year institutions, eight independent (private) four-year institutions, and nineteen public four-year institutions – twenty-nine four-year and seven two-year total. The twenty-nine total four-year institutions further break down into six Baccalaureate Colleges, fourteen Masters Colleges and Universities, and nine Doctoral Universities

The data displayed in this document includes aggregate and disaggregate DFWI rates for Principles of / Introductory Accounting courses at 32 of the aforementioned institutions (18,217 students earning grades), Introductory Calculus courses at 32 of the institutions (13,253 students earning grades), and Introductory Chemistry courses at 31 of the institutions (20,987 students earning grades). 

A detailed report that explores the issue and describes the data, method, limitations, and implications of this research, written by Drs. Andrew Koch and Brent Drake, will be released by the Gardner Institute in early 2019.

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