Call for Proposals

The Gardner Institute and Capital University are excited to announce the Call for Proposals for the inaugural Ohio Undergraduate Education: Inspiring Practices for Student Success conference. We invite you to join in join in sharing Ohio most innovative practices for student success:

  • Share innovative ideas and practices to solve problems and enable transformative course redesign.

  • Connect and collaborate with colleagues from other Ohio institutions who are working to integrate active learning and other promising practices into teaching.

  • Share evidence about how your efforts are improving student success and learning and advancing more equitable outcomes at your institution.

  • We value students’ perspectives in all aspects of teaching and learning and encourage you to consider including a students as co-presenters.

Session types: Conference sessions are structured to provide maximum interaction between conference participants and to inspire other Ohio educators with promising practices. Sessions will include various delivery modes and alternative formats and will provide ample opportunities for stimulating dialogue. Here are options for your consideration:

1.     Panel : Moderate a panel discussion on the topic of your choosing.

2.     Roundtable: Convene an open round table on a specific topic of your choosing.

3.     Individual or group presentation.

4.     Brainstorming: facilitate a brainstorming session on a topic or problem in higher education.

5.     TED-like-talk or a Pecha Kucha-style presentation: This session would include four 10-minute consecutive presentations including a maximum of five slides, and conclude 10 minutes of questions or general discussion.

6.     Case study: Present a case study based on an actual situation or experience.

7.     Poster: Share your current research or practice in a poster format.

Submissions are now open, and proposals are due by November 14, 2018.

For more information about the  Ohio Undergraduate Education: Inspiring Practices for Student Success, email Deanna Wagner:

To submit a proposal please complete the form below:


Right of Refusal Statement: Capital University and the Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education reserve the right to refuse requests for any and all session proposals for all sponsored events that are not consistent with the host organizations’ mission and goals.