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The Institute has benefited from the contributions of graduate interns who have worked on a variety of projects including research, writing, and direct involvement in Institute activities.

Graduate students or working professionals who are interested in spending a period of time (usually one academic term) working with the Institute are invited to contact us as per the directions provided. On-site internships are preferred; however, the Institute will consider interns who combine off-site with on-site work. A limited number of internship slots are available during any academic term, and currently the Institute is unable to offer financial assistance to interns.



Customarily this  an uncompensated position.


Applicants should have appropriate professional qualifications, such as:

For internship applicants, preference will be given to those with a master’s and/or doctoral degree.

Chief among these qualifications are strong organizational and communication skills. The Gardner Institute may request a writing sample from applicants.

If you would like more information please email us.



Research Opportunities and Sabbaticals


The Institute also has a tradition of partnering with researchers including those who might wish to make a research visit.

These could be researchers working on masters theses or doctoral dissertations or fully credentialed researchers working on non-degree related research projects. The Institute will consider making its processes and services open to and available to external researchers.

The Institute also has a history of hosting sabbaticals, literally in residence with the Institute, or done remotely. These would be open to faculty or staff from any regionally accredited institution or a related higher education association or organization with a formal sabbatical policy for employees. 



The Institute is located in the beautiful western North Carolina Blue Ridge mountains, in Brevard, a small county seat town of 7,600 people. Brevard is a college town of note particularly because it is the home of the world famous Brevard Music Center and Festival. Also, the town and the Institute are very close, 35 miles, to an outstanding regional city, Asheville, N.C. with a regional airport just 19 miles from the Institute.

The Gardner Institute is located in downtown Brevard. The office is pleasant and accessible. Parking is absolutely no problem! Applicants would be able to work on site in a dedicated Institute office or from an off-site location. However, preference will be given to applicants who are able to work on site. 




If you would be interested in exploring internships, research opportunities, or sabbaticals please correspond with the Institute’s Senior Scholar, Dr. Betsy Barefoot.

Please provide a cover letter detailing your academic interests and experience and attach a resume.