Rob Rodier

Director of technology, informatics, and Data Security


Rob is the Director of Technology, Informatics, and Data Security. Prior to joining the Institute in 2011, Rob spent two decades in various information technology roles including network and system administration and security roles. His experience includes working for an international corporation as well as public and private higher education institutions.  

Rob presents to groups as varied as the Association of Institutional Researchers, the Reinvention Collaborative, the  Appalachian College Association, Linux user groups, and local schools. In addition, he leads and participates in virtual and in-person trainings for the Gardner Institute.

Rob oversees the development, maintenance, and support of the software-as-a-service platform the Gardner Institute provides to institutions that partner with them. The platform provides project management tools, surveys, and historical and predictive analytics for institutions looking to improve student success. Rob works closely with Institutional Research staff, faculty, administrators, and other staff at higher education institutions so survey information and other data can be utilized in their Gardner Institute work and in historical and predictive analytics provided by the Institute.  

Rob holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an M.S. in Information Assurance from Norwich University. He served as chair for a local Foundation board and volunteers with a number of organizations and events involved with education, technology, and civic responsibility. He is a member of several professional associations including EDUCAUSE and ISACA.

To contact Rob, please email him at: rodier at jngi dot org, or call 828-449-8050.