The Teaching and Learning Academy

A face-to-face and virtual course redesign community specifically for faculty and faculty development professionals.



The Teaching and Learning Academy is a face-to-face and virtual course redesign community specifically for faculty.

The Teaching and Learning Academy helps participants develop and apply evidence-based teaching practices to improve student learning in rigorous, high-failure rate gateway courses — strategies that often do not get applied without strong, continuous support.


By working with us, your benefits include:

  • Participation in a faculty face-to-face and virtual course redesign community spanning one year that includes other faculty and renowned teaching and learning experts who serve as Fellows.
  • The fee structure  is based on institutional undergraduate enrollment and is open to as many faculty members as would like to participate.
  • Guidance and support in the development and application of evidence-based teaching practices.
  • A framework to assess the outcomes of a teaching change and course transformation.
  • Preparation to continue crucial student success improvement cycles.
  • Support in the identification and application of teaching strategies that have been proven to help students master the disciplinary knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in gateway courses.
  • Opportunities for scholarship related to evidence-based teaching practices.


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One-time faculty development workshops with limited outcomes.

The combination of in-person and virtual support differentiates the Teaching and Learning Academy from other course transformation efforts — beginning with face-to-face interaction at the launch meeting with Gardner Institute Fellows — this builds on these connections through the implementation of a year-long web-based community for faculty.

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Faculty development that does not complement institutional practices.

This process is designed to complement institution-specific faculty development because faculty work with their teaching and learning excellence colleagues from their institutions during the year-long academy to build a sustainable effort that will continue after this experience is done.

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Lack of community or ongoing support.

The Teaching and Learning Academy is designed to foster relationships with intentionally crafted discipline- and/or pedagogical-based groups and internationally renowned Gardner Institute Fellows that will inform and sustain faculty efforts during and even after the formal Teaching and Learning Academy experience.

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No consideration for discipline-specific needs or challenges. 

In this process, faculty are placed into a group of faculty/instructors from their discipline(s) who are also working to apply one or more engaging pedagogies in their course; webinars and virtual discussions also provide opportunities to explore discipline-specific needs and challenges.

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Absence of resources or a structure for pedagogical or course transformation.

The platform contains templates and resources that can be used to help faculty draft and revise course transformation plans regardless of the course level, type, or discipline, as well as evidence-based teaching resources, disciplinary examples of assignments and assessments, and webinars.

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Lack of recognition for the work involved in pedagogy or course transformation.

An objective of this process is to provide resources and guidance to help faculty assess the outcomes of changes to their courses and teaching approaches, and along with this, to use this information in their scholarship and promotion and tenure processes.


The Teaching and Learning Academy process includes the following:

Participation in the Teaching and Learning Academy face-to-face launch meeting.

Participants come together with their peers and Fellows to kick off efforts and begin drafting a plan for applying evidence-based pedagogies in their selected courses during this interactive in-person launch meeting.

Involvement in the webinars and discussions.

Throughout the year, participants engage in webinars and discussions that introduce them to concepts and best practices in teaching and learning that can be used to develop and implement an evidence-based pedagogy in their course.

Accessing and using the web-based platform and templates.

During the planning and implementation process, participants can use the online platform, including an array of documents, resources, and discussion groups, to draft and revise their course transformation plan.

Involvement in discipline-based groups, pedagogical-based groups, and the Teaching and Learning Academy community.

Throughout the year, participants will be placed in groups of faculty from the same or similar disciplines and; participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with others who are working to apply similar pedagogies to share ideas and best practices.

Consulting with the leading teaching and learning experts from across the United States.

This process is facilitated by some of the leading thought leaders and practitioners in the teaching excellence field.



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Now Accepting Applications

The Gardner Institute is currently accepting applications from colleges and/or universities interested in joining the next Teaching and Learning Academy cohort.




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